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Our model range


The offer of picture lamps of Acontraluz Marbella is presented in two basic sixes:

Designer Lamps Large:        157 x 55 cm.


Gama Grandes Acontraluz Collection


Large lamps perform the function of a floor lamp but hung on the wall like a painting, using up minimal space and providing a warm lighting and a truly original effect.


Designer Lamps Medium:     85 x 55 cm.


Gama Medianas Acontraluz Collection


Median lamps perform the function of table lamps, but as a picture or painting, hence performing a dual function.


Furthermore, other custom sizes upon specific request can be made.




Our lamps are available in two textures, to better adapt to the wishes of our clients decoration: upholstered in washable fabric and lacquered.


Comparativa tela - lacada



Upholstered Lamps: the original idea of AM. A wooden frame upholstered with fireproof fabric, retro illuminated with energy saving light bulbs that provide a cosy and warm light.

The fabric is elastic and easily removable, and can be washed in a washing machine without any problems, in order to always keep the lamp radiant!


Lacquered Lamps: in these lamps, wood is uncovered while lacquered in colour, and the fabric is only found in the silhouette lamp.

On request, these can be lacquered in the colour chosen by the customer.


Both upholstered and lacquered, and in any size, picture – lamps of Acontraluz Marbella represent

a new concept in decoration.



Customized Picture – lamps


To complement the silhouettes of lamps, we develop on request any type of silhouette: from the profile of your pet to a member of your family, as well as objects, brand logos, flowers, etc.


Gama Personalizadas Acontraluz Collection


Everything has a silhouette and everything can become a designer lamp of Acontraluz Marbella.
For more information about our custom design lamps, click here and fill in the contact form.


Pull switch


Lamps Acontraluz Marbella can be customized with special pull swtch, low specifc order to give them a higher profile and provide a stylish and personal touch.

The handles can be glass (Swarosvki style) or related to the motive of the lamp:


Gama Tiradores Acontraluz Collection




Picture – lamps of Acontraluz Marbella work as a conventional lamp. The electrical system is certified according to CE standards of the European Union, which offers full product warranty.
The fabrics used in upholstery of all our lamps are fireproof, having received the approval of the most prestigious laboratories experts in the subject. Moreover, they are easily removable for washing in washing machine or by hand.


How to use


Foto con símbolo de vídeo

The lamps are delivered by Acontraluz Marbella ready to hang on the wall with a simple spike.

The turning on and off is performed by a conventional pull switch, but can also be installed by connecting to a normal light switch in the room.

In this video you can see the simplicity with which the fabric of the lamp is removed.

An easy operation for a great idea.