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Cuadro abstractoWhy should a picture only serve to decorate?



and why should a lamp only serve to iluminate?


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Acontraluz Marbella: We Convert Lamps into Pictures.



Picture lamps of Acontraluz Marbella, developed by designer María José Osuna from Málaga, become a new concept in decoration by combining the aesthetics of a picture with the lighting of a lamp. They are backlit pictures with light bulbs, where it illuminates a silhouette of a lamp, an object or a person’s profile, providing the room where they are located a warm and cosy atmosphere and, above all, a decorative element of great originality.


The actuation is done via a simple pull switch, which may be adorned with decorative motives (on request). They can also be connected to the electrical system of the room in order to be actuated from a conventional light switch.

The final outcome constitutes very decorative lamps of different sizes of width and height (see range).


A new concept in decoration by María José Osuna